Summer programs in Ashram 2014

Yoga, Sunlight and Purification – Mindful Holiday and Recharging – 4-8 July with dr. Swami Mudrarupa Saraswati and Swami Omgyanam Saraswati (from Serbia)


Theme: The aim of this retreat is leisure, relaxation and mindful recharging on all levels by using yogic tools.

The routine will combine the systematic daily practice of satkarmas, yogic cleansing and different branches of yoga, the elements of mindful rest and holiday! Besides daily asana and pranayama, there will be lectures, mantra chanting, havans and light karma yoga, as well as walks to the nearby forests and meadows, and bathing in the beautiful nearby Lake Balaton. The sadhana practised during the retreat combined with active rest will give the participants a totally new and deep experience, and present them with long lasting energy and inspiration.


Chakras Mantras Visualisation and Satsangs to awaken our inner potential With Rishi Nityabodhananda and Rishi Yoga Diwali

handsTheme: Within we have an infinite creative potential out of which we were born. Some of us are geniuses such as Béla Bartók, Franz Liszt and Einstein yet we all have such potentials but we have to remove the mental blockages to our brilliance. Yoga techniques clear the pathways to our inner beings. Yoga chakras are psychic switches along the spinal column. Concentration on these centres together with mantras open an amazing array of symbols, sounds, colours and energies releasing the flow of our inner knowledge. We know how to awaken fear, anxiety and passion but most of us do not know how to awaken the dormant areas of the brain. A genius is one who has awakened one or more of the dormant areas of the brain. Swami Satyananda writes “when the total brain wakes up, you become a junior God, an incarnation or embodiment of divinity” Using the practices imbibed over many years training with Swami Satyananda and Niranjanananda. There are specific pranayamas mantras and symbols for awakening each chakra which will be covered in the sessions. The sessions are designed to give a practical set of Yoga tools that can be utilised with confidence afterwards at home.


Preparation for Kriya Yoga With Swami Anandananda Saraswati 27-29 June, Hungarian Yoga Association, Szolad


Theme: All of us have potential which is beyond even our wildest dreams, but most of this potential remains untapped. Each person has the capacity to experience different planes of consiousness, yet most of us live in the lower planes, without experiencing higher levels of existence, or even believing that they exist.

Many people are unhappy in the world,.dissatisfied and yet not sure what is lacking in their lives. The basic reason for this unhappiness is our attachment to the material plane of existence. Once we gain glimpse of higher spheres of consciousness, then our unhappiness automatically fades away.

In tantra there are many methods which awaken kundalini, and out of them all, the practice of kriya yoga is considered to be the most powerful. In India the science of kriya yoga was not known for many years, because it was never published. It was handed down traditionally from guru to disciple. Disciples, both householder and monastic, practised this kriya yoga and they found that through this practice, awakening of kundalini became a real and living experience.


Awakening Intuition With Swami Satyadharma Saraswati (India) 8-10 August 2014


Theme: This seminar is about calming the overactive thinking mind and awakening intuition. Wherever we are on the path of yoga it is important to remember that the ultimate aim of yoga is reconnection to our consciousness to life. This process is generally divided into 2 stages.
1. Personal development – training to live a sattwic lifestyle, to embody basic yogic principles, and to generally live a better, happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.
2. Connection to higher consciousness – we begin to develop a relationship with higher forces and energies, and with higher consciousness. The daily rhythmn of the seminar based on the holistic routine of Satyananda Yoga incorporates asana, pranayama, mantra, karma yoga, yoga nidra, havan, kirtan, satsang and lectures.