Yogic Management of the Immune System

Yogic Management of the Immune System –27-28 February 2016
With Dr. Swami Mudrarupa Saraswati and Swami Omgyanam Saraswati




Theme: From the day we are born, and throughout the life, we constantly interact with the environment around us. This process exposes us to myriads of different circumstances, outside and inside us, and requires from us constant adaptation and management of internal systems of the body, and the mind also. Aim of these processes is one - to maintain stable inner environment conducive to health, creativity and happiness. Of all systems in the body, three are most important in this regard - immune system, nervous system and endocrine system. Of these three, immune system is our primary life guard whose proper function ensures we remain healthy and able to pursue our goals in life with vigor and creativity.

This life guard system is in the state of constant challenge, 24x7, throughout the life. Sometimes, in certain periods of life it can become weaker and then our progression and growth in life slows down due to disorders and imbalances that set in the body. Many factors can contribute to such conditions. Through the practices and principles of classical yoga, one can viably maintain proper function of the immune system while at the same time facing in a positive way constantly changing and challenging conditions of life. This is in essence the definition of good immunity.

In this workshop various practices and principles from different branches of yoga will be outlined as effective and applicable means to boost immune system and maintain its function in stable way. And in this way to help maintain state of good health of the body and the mind as prerequisites for living happy and creative life.

Date: 27-28 February 2016. Saturday, Sunday: 10-17 hours, Lunch: 12.30-14.00,

Venue: Budapest, Szent István krt. 12. III. 1/a

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Contribution: € 60

Mode of Payment: Cash at the venue.