Kriya Yoga, Meditation and Yogic Lifestyle
30 June-3 July with Swami Anandananda Saraswati (Italy)
Hungarian Yoga Association, Szolad


anandanandaAll yoga techniques aim to create happiness and balance on all levels in our lives. Each individual has their own idea of happiness as we all have distinct personalities and traits. Knowing this the yogis developed various practices so that every individual can use the most suitable for their aims. This is how the different branches of yoga were developed and each branch has many powerful techniques.

Yogic lifestyle in our modern era means living our normal day-to-day life, doing our duties, taking care of our families, but using these ancient techniques to enable us to do our duties in the best and most efficient way, all the while staying healthy, energetic and happy.


Progressing with sadhana-Taking the next step in yoga Retreat
with Dr. Swami Mudrarupa and Swami Omgyanam
14-17 July


swanThe foundation of yoga is yoga practice, however only very few practioners are aware of its right concept. Doing yoga once or twice a week is not enough, and to keep changing the practices and doing them randomly will also not give full benefits. Most people do practices which they like and not those which they really need. Even regular practice without a systematic approach will not give the desired result. However, the optimal way of practicing has been clearly described in the original texts of yoga.



Guru Purnima celebration - all are welcome
With Dr. Swami Mudrarupa Saraswati and Swami Omgyanam Saraswati
19 July



Theme: The full moon in July represents gurus, the masters who provide the aspirants with light on their journey. The time of full moon in July is a festival for yoga practioners. We celebrate the masters of yoga, paying tribute to the gurus for it is them to whom we can thank for knowing and practicing yoga. Guru Purnima is also a time for those who has been initiated to the tradition of yoga and/or of sannyas to reassert their connection and dedication to the guru. It is also said that on the day of Guru Purnima all the spiritual masters radiate their grace in abundance, and those with open heart can receive that.


Akhanda Kirtan – 24-hour mantra singing
6-7 August



Theme: Akhanda kirtan is a potent and easy means to capture the mind. While singing kirtan the mind is filled with sattwa, pure vibrations, and supreme peace and joy are experienced. It purifies the heart and gives many other benefits. No other practice will induce divine, ecstatic states as quickly and as powerfully as akhanda kirtan.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati


Program includes the 24-hour kirtan singing, vedic fire ceremony and karma yoga.